About HeartlandArts.Net


HeartlandArts.Net is an effort to support and promote the visual arts throughout southern Illinois, southeastern Missouri, western Kentucky, southwestern Indiana and the surrounding communities. At the moment the team consists of Amy McMorrow Hunter, who does technology marketing at SIU and makes websites via www.innucopia.com.

HeartlandArts.Net is a continuous work in progress. Anyone who would like to participate, advertise, or send comments or questions, please contact Amy directly at: heartlandartsnet@gmail.com.

I don't have an art education or training. I been fortunate to experience art via high-flung shows across the US and Europe as well as via the warm and vibrant shows here locally. My father is well-known for his architectural renderings so I got started with that and the amazing models architechts sometimes construct. My imagination would run wild as I would see the people in his drawings going to and fro, and wonder how my miniature self would venture into the deepest reaches of the models. I had a brief stint in the performing arts in fifth grade when I landed a spot as "Gretl" in the high school's verion of "The Sound of Music" and beat out a sixth grader the same year for the lead role in "Alice in Wonderland"; despite my mother's best efforts to facilitate my dream of becoming a star someday, I ended up studying Russian, Business (Entrepreneurship) and Aviation in college. I have several friends who are artists; their work beautifies my walls at home and it makes me happy. I want to help other people feel the same by looking at things they think are beautiful.

I believe southern Illinois is an up and coming destination for nature, art and wine and I want to be a part of it. This website is a hobby of mine, and I do my best to keep it updated and correct. That's not to say that I don't take it seriously, as I understand the importance that artists rightly attach to their own work, and don't want to impede their progress. I apologize for any errors and ommission and ask you not to take it out on the artists. I admit I once harbored visions of making a fortune off of this effort; fortunately my motto is "Never Give Up." I welcome comments, questions, and even pictures and stories of your own Heartland Arts experiences at heartlandartsnet@gmail.com.